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AIM f/w v5.5.10002
Changes since v5.4
*Fixed: Log rotation failed, causing SSD to become full.
*Fixed: ALIF3000 unable to connect dual-head RDP channels
AIM f/w v5.7.10022
__Changes since v5.5__
*Updated: Base image update for vulnerability issues
*Updated: MYSQL vulnerability issue (CPUOCT2022)
*Fixed: User is unable to change the connection mode from video only to
AIM f/w v5.8.10017
__Changes since 5.7__
*Auto Logout Feature -In conjunction with firmware release v7 for ALIF40xx/21xx or v5.1 for ALIF1002/2000/2020/2112– this feature will disconnect and log out the user at a rec
AIM f/w v5.9.10032
Please read the release notes, it contains specific instructions detailing the upgrade path.

Changes since v5.7
*Last frame frozen feature – Adjustable margins
*Update to API for
ALIF: AIM v3.x/v4.x SSL Access - Version Mismatch
Recent updates to many of the popular web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are now actively blocking older SSL/TLS versions, used on AIM Managers running v3.x and 4.x. If you have enabled SSL acc
ALIF: AIM f/w v4.11.45012
Changes since 4.9 f/w:
*Adds support for ALIF4000 V3.0 release which includes
**DisplayPort Audio – up to 8 channels on both heads
**Independent control of the transparent high-speed USB
ALIF: AIM f/w v4.11.45022 (Hotfix)
Changes since f/w v4.11.45012:
*After upgrading to 4.11, some receiver models (ALIF1002R, ALIF2020R, ALIF2000R) that were disconnected and were not previously running v4.9 firmware, will be completel
ALIF: AIM f/w v4.12.10041
Changes since 4.11 f/w:
*Clearer on-screen instructions for RDP Login credential page for ALIF3000
*Removal of RDP transmitters from statistics page as they are not applicable
*Long Receiver names
ALIF: AIM f/w v4.15.10005
This is update is for AIM-XX and ASP-001

Changes since v4.12/v4.13
- DeviceDaemon logging modified to prevent excessive log files sizes.
- System packages updated for Upgrade system for future re
ALIF: AIM f/w v5.3.10026
This update is for AIM-XX and ASP-001

__Changes since v4.15__
*Added support for new ALIF2100 series
*Automated login feature (Licensed Feature)
*API updates – including AIM promotion, replaci