ALIF: How to Factory Reset an AIM Manager

Some AIM configuration settings are only available when it is first setup and cannot be altered afterwards. The multi-subnet feature for example is one of those.


After factory resetting the AIM it will be assigned IP address If a Primary AIM server is on the same network when the reset occurs, it will automatically take control of the AIM on the reboot making it a Backup Server.


The AIM's endpoint license persists after a factory reset and does not change.

A video is available for download on the link below that shows you the process:-
Download factory reset an AIM guide

  • To factory reset the AIM you need to open a web browser and log into the AIM’s web interface.
  • Navigate to Dashboard -> Updates and scroll down to Reset AIM Configuration.

    Infinity Factory Reset AIM


If the AIM is a Primary or Solo and has been connected to endpoints (TX's and RX's), deleting the security certificates will break the trust between the AIM and the endpoints on the network. The Endpoints would also need to be factory reset to communicate with the AIM again.
  • Tick the Also reset the server IP address and Also delete security certificates and keys. This is required to do a full factory reset, which must be performed for example if you are adding the AIM as a Backup or Satelite to a Primary or need to make changes such as setting single or multi-subnet mode.

    Infinity Factory Reset AIM2

  • Press Reset AIM Configuration.
  • After 1-2 minutes you will see a Restart Now button appear next to the Reset AIM Configuration.
  • Press Restart Now to reboot the AIM.


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