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AIM 24 Network Ports
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AIM Controller v1.0.228.zip
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AIM Controller v1.0.244.zip
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AIM f/w v5.4.10029
This update is for AIM-24 and ASP-001

__Changes since v5.3__
*Hotkey timeout even when logged in after 15 mins (v5.3)
*Units reporting online when backup file restore even when none are present
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AIM f/w v5.5.10002
Changes since v5.4
*Fixed: Log rotation failed, causing SSD to become full.
*Fixed: ALIF3000 unable to connect dual-head RDP channels
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AIM IP Address
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ALIF Statistics3
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ALIF: AIM v3.x/v4.x SSL Access - Version Mismatch
Recent updates to many of the popular web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are now actively blocking older SSL/TLS versions, used on AIM Managers running v3.x and 4.x. If you have enabled SSL acc
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ALIF: Accessing an Endpoint (TX or RX) Directly
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ALIF: Accessing the DVIXDEBUG log
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ALIF: Active Directory LDAP(S)
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ALIF: Adding Backup and Satellite AIM's
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ALIF: Advanced USB Features
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ALIF: AIM - Backup AIM not adding to the Primary when using HTTPS
Affects AIM f/w v4.7 and below on writing.

We have found a problem where it is not possible to add a backup AIM Manager if you have configured AIM to use an HTTPS connection.
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ALIF: AIM - Event and Connection Log archive.
When upgrading the firmware, the Event and Connection logs are cleared.
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ALIF: AIM - Using the 192.168.1.x network range.
Be careful if you are using the 192.168.1.x network range for endpoints. We have seen a problem where if an endpoint is given, it cannot be added to the AIM Manager. This is because 192.1
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ALIF: AIM - Web browser compatibility
Known to affect 4.x firmware.

When configuring the AIM's web interface, it is recommended that you use an up to date web browser. If using Internet Explorer 11 or below, configuration pages like th
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ALIF: AIM Controller - API Demo
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ALIF: AIM Controller - Exporting Serial Numbers
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ALIF: AIM f/w 4.7
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ALIF: AIM f/w v3.5.42099 - Critical Update
After January 2018, it is not possible to add new or factory reset endpoints to the AIM Manager due to a 32-bit rollover problem when generating 30 year SSL Certificates. They are required by both the
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ALIF: AIM f/w v4.11.45012
Changes since 4.9 f/w:
*Adds support for ALIF4000 V3.0 release which includes
**DisplayPort Audio – up to 8 channels on both heads
**Independent control of the transparent high-speed USB
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ALIF: AIM f/w v4.11.45022 (Hotfix)
Changes since f/w v4.11.45012:
*After upgrading to 4.11, some receiver models (ALIF1002R, ALIF2020R, ALIF2000R) that were disconnected and were not previously running v4.9 firmware, will be completel
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ALIF: AIM f/w v4.12.10041
Changes since 4.11 f/w:
*Clearer on-screen instructions for RDP Login credential page for ALIF3000
*Removal of RDP transmitters from statistics page as they are not applicable
*Long Receiver names
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