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IPEPS-PLUS: f/w 2.05
Changes since f/w: 2.0

- Option to turn off High-Speed USB to work with the ALIF100T.
article IPEPS-PLUS
IPEPS-PLUS: f/w 2.13
__Changes since v2.09__
*Fixed USB not working with XDIP
*Mac startup keys not working. Made some improvements. See [https://support.adder.com/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=IPEPS-PLUS%3A+FAQ&highlight=fa
article IPEPS-PLUS
IPEPS+: f/w 2.0
article IPEPS-PLUS
IPEPS+: VNC Absolute mouse not working with DDX
The latest v2 firmware for the IPEPS+ adds Virtual Media support. The new function is not compatible with the DDX and as a result, also causes the mouse to stop working if you use Absolute mode. Dis
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