Additional Information

If you are using the IPEPS-PLUS with Infinity, it is recommended that you disable both high-speed USB and File Transfer.  Disabling high-speed USB is to ensure ALIF100T compatibility,

Disabling High-Speed USB & File Transfer

- To disable high-speed USB, connect to the IPEPS-PLUS using a RealVNC viewer and login as an Admin.
- Click on the Configure button in the top right corner of the VNC Viewer.
- From the menu, choose Unit Configuration and click on the Advanced Unit Configuration button.
- Tick Force USB Fullspeed.
- Untick Enable File Transfer
- Press Save button.
- Exit out of the menus.



The firmware release is available from our main website using the link below:-

Firmware v2.05



This firmware release may have been superseded and no longer available for download.   Always check to make sure that you are running the latest firmware version.  The version was correct at the time of writing this article.