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ALIF: ALIF4001 & ALIF4021 f/w 5.05
Changes since 4.02 f/w:
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ALIF: ALIF4001 & ALIF4021 f/w 7.02
__Changes since 6.06 f/w:__
*Last frame frozen and UI notification feature
*Auto Logout feature
*Use saved monitors EDID feature
*Rebooting RX should not cause TX to lose USB descriptor
*Laggy mo
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ALIF: ALIF4021 f/w 4.01
Changes since 3.01 f/w:
*Added a workaround for an error in the EDID of a LG Ultrawide 38UC99 monitor (3840 x 1660) which did not display video unless active sync is enabled.
*Rebooting the AIM Mana
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ALIF: ALIF4021: f/w 3.01
Changes since 3.01 f/w:
*Extended channel hotkeys (0-99). Requires AIM version v4.11.45021
*Support for Channel Banner positioning from AIM.
*Device status for the DP Audio and Transparent USB co
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ALIF: ALIF4021:f/w 3.00
Changes since 1.1 f/w:

__New Feature:__
*Support for 5k resolutions, including
**5120 x 2880@30hz
**5120 x 2160@30hz
**5120 x 1440@60hz
*High Frame Rate Support. Up to 240Hz (1920x1080)
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ALIF: ALIF4001 & ALIF4021 f/w 6.06
Changes since 6.04 f/w:
*UI becomes unusable with persistent "connection lost" if user password changed.
This effected units in either the self-managed matrix mod
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