ALIF: Where do I find the Firmware Version

AIM Manager

The firmware version is displayed on a couple of locations on its web interface. In the top right-hand side and at the bottom of each of the pages. The number shown at the bottom of the page shows the full firmware version. This is important as we may release a hotfix version, where only the last few digits will change, but the major and minor numbers remain the same.

ALIF AIMFirmwarepng

To upgrade the AIM Manger, please see Upgrading the AIM Manager Firmware.

Transmitters and Receivers

There are different ways of finding the firmware version on the endpoints (Transmitters and Receivers), the methods depend on how they are being utilised. An endpoint can be used in either a point to point mode, where the transmitter and receivers are directly connected or under the control of an AIM Manager in a matrix.

Using the Endpoint Web Interface

Models: ALFI100T/R, ALIF1000T/R, ALIF1002T/R, ALIF2000R, ALIF2002T, ALIF2020T/R, ALIF2112T & ALIF3000R

Please read the Accessing an Endpoint Directly page for instructions on how to connect to a transmitter and recevier.

  • Open the endpoints web interface.
  • Navigate to the About menu.

    ALIF AboutDirect

  • You will see that there are three versions of firmware, Main, Backup and Boot. In the screenshot above the firmware version is 4.5.40863.
    • The Main firmware.
    • The Backup firmware exists as a recovery mode, in the unlikely event that there is a problem when uploading the main firmware.
    • The Boot firmware version is not important.
  • The main and backup firmware versions should match.
  • To upgrade an endpoint, please see Upgrading the Firmware on a Transmitter or Receiver

Models: ALIF2102, ALIF2122, ALIF4001 & ALIF4021

  • Open the endpoints web interface (https://<IPADDRESS>)
  • Navigate to the System menu.
  • The Preferred Software Version is the version currently operating.

    ALIF4000 FirmwareVersion

Using the AIM Manager

Models: ALFI100T/R, ALIF1000T/R, ALIF1002T/R, ALIF2000R, ALIF2002T, ALIF2020T/R, ALIF2112T, ALIF2102T/R, ALIF2122T/R, ALIF3000R, ALIF4001T/R & ALIF4021T/R

  • Open the AIM's web interface and login.
  • Click on either the Receivers or Transmitters tab
  • Locate the endpoint in the list.
  • The Firmware column will show you the major and minor version for each endpoint, however, if you hover the mouse over the firmware version, it will reveal the full version for both the main and backup firmware .

    ALIF EndpointFirmware

  • To upgrade an endpoint via AIM, please see Upgrading Endpoints using the Manager.

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