ALIF: Upgrading Endpoints using the AIM Manager

There are two ways that you can upgrade the firmware on an endpoint (Transmitter or Receiver), the first method is directly, which can be timing consuming if you have a large number of units. The second and more efficient method is to upgrade the firmware using the AIM Manager which will allow you to push it to multiple units at the same time.


Unless explicitly told to do otherwise, always upgrade the main firmware before installing the backup firmware. Make sure you read the firmware release notes thoroughly before proceeding.


  • Open the Primary AIM's web interface
  • Navigate to Dashboard -> Updates
  • In the Upload New TX/RX Firmware section, click on the Choose File button.

    Infinity EndpointFWUpg1

  • In the Open File dialog window, locate the appropriate firmware upgrade file for an endpoint model on the network. Press Open.
  • Press Upload.
  • The AIM will present a list of endpoints that can be upgraded with the firmware file.
  • On each endpoint are two checkboxes, one to select that you wish to upgrade it and the other to choose whether the endpoint should be rebooted first. The reboot first option is only recommended if it has been a while since the endpoint has been restarted.
  • You can either individual tick the checkboxes on the endpoints you wish to upgrade, or tick Update All to check them all.
  • Press Upgrade Selected Receivers

    Infinity EndpointFWUpg2

  • The firmware is multicast to all the chosen endpoints on the network.
  • The AIM Manager will notify you of the progress of the upgrade by displaying banner messages on the dashboard and on the appropriate Receiver or Transmitter tab. The upgrade time may vary slightly between releases and model of endpoint, however, it should take between 2-5 minutes to complete.
  • You may need to apply two upgrade files, a main and backup to the endpoint. This is dependant on the model of the endpoint. Always read the release notes supplied with the upgrade.
    • For example, the following endpoint models require a main and backup firmware update:-
      • ALIF1000T/R, ALIF1002T/R, ALIF2000T/R, ALIF2002T, ALIF2020T/R & ALIF2112T
      • ALIF100T (VGA/DVI/DP, ALIF101T (HDMI/DP)
    • The following endpoints typically only require a single firmware update:-
      • ALIF3000R
      • ALIF4021T/R
  • When completed, the firmware version number will be displayed on the appropriate endpoint list.

    Infinity EndpointFWUpg3

Concurrent Updates

It is possible to update different endpoint models at the same time. For example, let's assume that you have 20x ALIF2000R's and 20xALIF2002T's. You could start by sending the main firmware to the ALIF2000R's and then ALIF2002T's immediately afterwards. Once the main firmware has upgraded, do the same with the backup. There is no need to wait for a group of endpoints to finish before upgrading a different model. The simple rule is that whilst an endpoint is currently upgrading, you can't ask it to upgrade again until it has completed.

Firmware Storage

Once the firmware has been uploaded and has successfully been used to upgrade an endpoint or more, it is stored on the AIM for later use should you add more endpoints that need to be upgraded.

  • The stored firmware can be recalled by navigating to Dashboard -> Updates.
  • At the bottom of the Updates page, is an Install Firmware onto devices section.
  • Using the various radio buttons, you can drill down to the available firmware that has been uploaded to the AIM and installed using the same method described above.
  • NOTE: By default, no endpoint firmware is loaded onto the AIM out of the factory.

    Infinity EndpointFWUpg4

  • For example, to install firmware onto a receiver, click on the Receivers for the Device Type.
  • A list of various ALIF Infinity receivers will be shown. Choose a Receiver model.
  • Choose either the Main or Backup firmware type.

    Infinity EndpointFWUpg5

  • In the Available Firmware drop down, you will see the stored firmware if it is available.

    Infinity EndpointFWUpg6

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