ALIF: How to Backup an AIM Manager



A backup does not contain the network settings. Its contents can not be modified.

An AIM Backup allows you to take a snapshot of the configuration and restore it should you require at a later date. The schema has been designed so that it can be restored to different firmware versions.

A backup of an AIM Manager can be taken acquired in different ways.

  • Manually downloaded using the Web interface.
  • Automatically scheduled which is either:
    • Stored locally on the AIM
    • Sent via email if configured

Manual Download

  • Open the AIM's web interface and navigate to Dashboard -> Backups.

  • In the Backup section at the top, make sure that Download to your computer is ticked. If not, tick the checkbox and press the Save Settings button below to commit the change.

AIM BackupSettings

To download a local copy of the Backup file:-

  • Simply click on the Backup Now button. After a second or two, you should receive the file via your web browser. The file name includes the AIM version, date and time of when it was taken. It also creates a local backup that is stored on the AIM itself.

AIM BackupSettings2

Automatic Backup

You can use the schedule feature to automatically storing a backup locally on the AIM, and if configured, for sending a copy to a specified email address. For an example of how to configure the email, see the AIM Mail Setup Example.

AIM BackupSettings3

The stored Backup files can be seen by clicking on the Available backups dropdown list in the Backups on the Server section.

AIM BackupSettings5

The number of backups stored is managed using an algorithm that ensures that the most recent and oldest backups are kept, but automatically deletes ones in between to save on disk space.

You can download any of the locally stored AIM Backups to your computer by choosing one from the dropdown list and pressing the Download button below.

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