ALIF: AIM Mail Setup Example


The AIM only supports non-SSL/TLS MailServer connections.

There are many mail servers available, so this article will not go into the specifics of how to configure each of them. They all work on the same principle, but how they are setup will vary..

This article will show you the basics of how to configure hMailServer which is a free open source mail server with the AIM Manager.


  • You will need a PC running Windows 7 or higher.
  • Download hMailServer



Make sure that the Gateway, DNS and IP addresses are set correctly.

The instructions assume that you are configuring both the network interfaces on the AIM, where the host running the mail server is connected to a network on the second interface.

  • For this example we are using the following AIM network settings:-

    Infinity MailServer1

  • The PC running the mailserver is using the following network settings:-

    Infinity MailServer2

Installing the hMailServer

  • Run the hMailServer installer.
  • During the installation, you will be asked to set a Password for the Administrator.

    Infinity MailServer3

  • On the Connect window after the installation as completed, click on the "localhost" item and press Connect.

    Infinity MailServer4

  • You may be asked to enter the Password that you entered during the setup.
  • The MailServer configuration page should appear.
  • On the Welcome page, click on the Add Domain button.

    Infinity MailServer5

  • Under the General tab, enter a Domain name, for example: mycompany.com.

    Infinity MailServer6

  • Press Save.
  • Under the Domains section, you will now see a new Domain with some further settings below.

    Infinity MailServer7

  • Click on Accounts in the Domains section.
  • The Accounts section is where you enter the email addreses that are available in the domain.
  • Click on Add
  • In the General tab, enter an email address and enter a password.

    Infinity MailServer9

  • Press Save.
  • On the AIM Manager, navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> Mail
  • Enable the Mail Server and enter the credentials for the mail server. Unless configured otherwise, mailservers use port 25 for non-SSL/TLS connections.

    Infinity MailServer11

  • To send an email, navigate to Dashboard -> Backups
  • Make sure that Email backup is ticked
  • Enter an Email Backup To, for example admin@mycompany.com

    Infinity MailServer12

  • Press Backup Now
  • To check that the email was sent, navigate to Dashboard -> Event Log
  • In the Event log you should see either Backup file was successfully emailed or Backup file was not successfully emailed

    Infinity MailServer13


  • mMailServer has a Logging feature.
  • Expand the Settings menu on the left and click on Logging.
  • Make sure that Logging is enabled and that at least SMTP is ticked.

    Infinity MailServer14

  • Press Save.
  • If you get a message saying that the AIM was not able to send the message then clicking on the Show logs button opens the location where you can view its log file. Provided that the AIM's network settings are correct, then you can see from the logs why it failed. The most common reasons are typically authentication failures.

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