ALIF: AIM Replacing a Transmitter or Receiver


In the event that a transmitter or receiver is no longer functioning, the AIM Manager has a feature that allows you to replace the unit with another that is the same model. This is with the exception of an ALIF1000, which can be replaced with the ALIF1002 variant that supersedes it. The main benefit of using the replace feature is that the replacement unit assumes the identity of the unit it replaces, thus maintaining its name, description. user rights etc. For a transmitter, this also maintains its channels and presets, of which there could be many and therefore could take a while to replace manually without using this feature.

The following procedure demonstrates replacing an ALIF2002T transmitter, however, the procedure is the same for all models.


  • Make sure that you disconnect the unit that you are replacing from the network and that the AIM Manager is no longer showing the unit on line.

    ALIF AIM Replace Unit1

  • Connect a new or factory reset unit to the AdderLink Infinity network that is not known to the AIM.
  • The unit after a couple of minutes should appear as a new unconfigured unit on the AIM Manager's interface.
  • Do not manually configure the unit at this point.

    ALIF AIM Replace Unit2

  • Click on the red Delete icon.

    ALIF AIM Replace Unit3

  • A dialog window will appear, asking you if you wish to Delete the unit, Replace it or Cancel.
  • Press the Replace button.

    ALIF AIM Replace Unit4

  • You will be presented with a list of units that have not been configured yet.
  • If you have multiple units listed and you need to identify which replacement that you are about to use, click on the identity light-bulb icon to flash the lights on the front of the unit.
  • Click the Use this device button.

    ALIF AIM Replace Unit5

  • The AIM will automatically configure the replacement unit so that it uses the same configuration as its predecessor.

    ALIF AIM Replace Unit6

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