ALIF: Identifying a Transmitter or Receiver


To help locate a particular transmitter or receiver in a 19" rack or enclosure that contains other endpoints (Transmitter or Receiver), the endpoints can be instructed to identify themselves by flashing one or more of its LED's.

This can be achieved using one of two methods, using the AIM Manager or via the web interface on the endpoint itself.

Using an AIM

  • On the AIM Manager's web interface, in the Transmitters and Receivers tabs, you will see a yellow lightbulb icon, used to identify the endpoint.

    ALIFAIM Identify
  • If you press the Identity button once, it will perform a short identification sequence where the icon and the endpoint will blink for five seconds.
  • If you press it again whilst it is still flashing, it will perform a long identification sequence.
    • The icon and endpoint will blink for an hour. Note, if you reload the page, the lightbulb icon will stop blinking, however, the endpoint will continue to identify itself.
    • To stop the endpoint identifying itself, press the Identity button again.


Using the Endpoints Web Interface

  • Each endpoint has its own web interface, from which you are able to choose to either have the endpoint blink for five seconds (short) or an hour (long) on the System Configuration page.

    Models: ALIF100T, ALIF101T, ALIF1000T/R, ALIF1002T/R, ALIF2000R, ALIF2002T, ALIF2020T/R, ALIF2112T, ALIF3000
    • Point to Point:

      ALIFAIM Identify3
    • Under AIM Control:

      ALIFAIM Identify2

    Models: ALIF4021T/R
    • Either Point to Point or Under AIM Control. Clicking on the Identify light bulb icon will start the endpoint flashing its LED.

      ALIFAIM Identify4



Models: ALIF1000T/R, ALIF1002T/R, ALIF2000R, ALIF2002T, ALIF2020T/R, ALIF2112T

  • All but the PWR LED flash on and off.


Models: ALIF100T (DP, DVI & VGA) & ALIF101T (DP & HDMI)

  • The shoulder LED's blink green twice in quick succession.

Model: ALIF3000R

  • The LED to the right of the OLED display blinks green on and off.


Model: ALIF4021T/R

  • The LED to the right of the OLED's blinks green twice in quick succession.


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