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XDIP Controller - API Demo
wiki XDIP
XDIP Controller v1.0.0.0.zip
file XDIP
XDIP f/w v1.04
__Changes since 1.03__
This release does not contain any fixes, just support for a newer flash memory chip.
article XDIP
XDIP f/w v1.05
Changes since f/w: 1.04
*Extended size of matrix.
**Each Receiver can now connect to a maximum number of 16 transmitter units
**Each Transmitter unit can now be connected to 256 receiver units
article XDIP
XDIP: f/w v1.03
Fixed the following issues:
USB Mouse intermittently not working on some hosts after a reboot.
Video distortion at 1920x1200@50hz
article XDIP
wiki XDIP
XDIP: Getting Started
wiki XDIP
XDIP: How to Factory Reset a Transmitter or Receiver
wiki XDIP
XDIP: How to retrieve the USB diagnostics
wiki XDIP
XDIP: Using the API
wiki XDIP
XDIPAPIDemo v1.0.2.zip
file XDIP