Which Video Converters were tested with the XDIP

The following converters have been tested with XDIP:-

Type Manufacturer Part Number From To
Active Adder DVA VGA DVI
Active Benfei - HDMI VGA
Active StarTech HD2DP HDMI DisplayPort
Active UGreen 60814 VGA HDMI
Active UGreen 40213 VGA HDMI
Passive N/A N/A HDMI DVI
Passive N/A N/A DisplayPort DVI


Can XDIP handle interlaced video such as 1080i50?

No, the XDIP only support progressive video, for example, 1080p.


Does the XDIP support RS232?

No, it only supports USB HID devices like keyboards and mice.


What is the max number of units you can add to the KVM switch setup?

The maximum number of Transmitters that a Receiver can access is sixteen, however, there can be more Transmitters than Receivers. Each Receiver can point to different Transmitters. The maximum number supported will depend on factors such as your network setup.


Does the XDIP support multiple subnets?

No, the XDIP was designed to work on a single local network.


Can I set static IP addresses for my XDIP?

Out of the box, the XDIP endpoints will use link-local IP Addresses (169.254.x.x) or retrieve an address from a local DHCP Server. From firmware version 1.05 onwards you are able to set a fixed IP address. If you do manually set an IP address, the unit will always have two IP addresses, the one that you manually set and a DHCP or a link-local address. This is because the XDIP needs a known IP address range to auto-discover each other on the network.


How much network bandwidth does an XDIP use?

The XDIP uses around 450Mb to 500Mb of network bandwidth to transmit the video from one Transmitter to a Receiver.


Is the OSD Multi-Language?

Yes, it supports English, French, Spanish and German.


Does it have an API ?

Yes, from firmware version 1.5 onwards, there is now an API available.


Does the USB ports support USB 2.0? ie can you also connect USB drives and transfer data?

Yes and No. The XDIP only support USB 2.0 HID devices such as keyboards and mouse.


Is the XDIP HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliant?

No. As the video output from one transmitter can be shared with other receivers (monitors), it is not possible to be HDCP compliant.


Does the XDIP have a table mount for under a desk?

Yes, there is a mounting bracket that can do this. The part number is RMK10.


How does the XDIP handle EDID?

The XDIP can either pass the EDID from your monitor or you can use a fixed EDID by setting it on the Transmitter.


What type of POE (Power Over Ethernet) network switch do I need?

The XDIP requires 15 watts of power, so you need a network switch that is capable of either IEEE 802.3 AF or 802.3 AT.


Known Issues


Disabling the "Enable Video Output" setting leaves last video frame on screen.

The XDIP can be used as USB matrix. If you turn off the Enable Video Output setting whilst connected to a channel, the last video frame that was shown will remain on the screen. This can only be cleared by rebooting the receiver.

Hotkey switching only supports up to 8x TX's

The hotkey switching (as of and below f/w version 1.06) is limited to switching between the 8x Transmitters.

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