X50: Getting Started

This page contains links to guide you through setting up an X50 or X50-MS2 pair of extenders.


  • ADDERLink® X50 is compact in size and delivers uncompressed, lossless extension of USB peripherals including Keyboards, Video and Mice (KVM) up to 50m (150ft) over a single CAT5 or higher UTP cable. Sharp, bright and ultra high-resolution video plus digital stereo audio are delivered over a VGA interface to a single screen with total USB 2.0 compatibility, regardless of the computer being controlled or the peripheral being extended.

User Manual

Advice and Setup

  • Out of the box you will need to learn the monitors EDID as the default one may not be suitable for your monitor.
  • Make sure that the X50 local and remote units are on the same power phase.
  • If the picture is not clear, you can adjust the sharpness using the rotary dial on the remote unit.
  • Use CAT5e cable (maximum 50m).
  • Avoid using patch panels if possible.
  • If you using the X50-MS2 model that requires two CATX cables, make sure that the top and bottom ports of the local and remote units are not crossed over. Otherwise, the USB will not function.
  • Setting the Video Sharpness

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