X50: Video Sharpness Adjustment

The Adder X50 remote module includes a straightforward video adjustment to control picture sharpness on the remote monitor

To adjust video sharpness

  • On the computer, display a suitable high contrast image (see the section below).
  • Insert a small flat-bladed screwdriver into the SHARPNESS adjustment hole so that it engages with the slot in the rotary dial.
  • Turn the rotary dial fully clockwise - you should see a bright white shadow to the right of your high contrast image.
  • Turn the rotary dial anticlockwise until the white shadow disappears and the edges of your image become sharp.

    X50 Adjustment1

  • The remote module for the dual video MS2 variant includes two separate sharpness adjustments for each video channel (the upper dial corresponds to the upper video output socket).

    X50 Adjustment2

To display a suitable high contrast image

The best way to clearly view the effect of sharpness and brightness adjustments is to display a high contrast image, with vertical edges, on the screen.

  • Open a word processor, type the capital letter ‘H’, or ‘M’ and increase the point size to 72 or higher. For best results, the background should be white and the character should be black.

    X50 Adjustment3

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