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X200: Clear the Password

  • If you know the password, you can unlock the system with the password and enter Configuration Mode. Within configuration mode press F8+Enter, the password will be cleared. Any current image control settings or skew adjustments will not be reset.

If a user inadvertently sets a password, the video output will be blank when the system is locked. Annoyingly this does happen occasionally.

  • If you don’t know the password but have an Adder non-IP CATx switch then you can unlock the unit.
    • Connect the X200 module to an Adder non-IP CATx switch
    • Display the Configuration Menu using the keyboard connected to the switch
    • Clear UTP Extender Password is under the Function menu
    • Once the password has been cleared, the X200 should come back to Configuration Mode. Press Enter to save using the keyboard connected to X200.

  • If you do not have a CATx switch but do have an X200 upgrade cable then you can unlock/reset the X200 by following the instructions.
    • Connect the X200 module to a computer in the same manner as you would carry out a flash upgrade.
    • While power is applied, set the X200 upgrade switch SW1 to its ON position.
    • Remove power from the X200 unit and then re-apply power.
    • Set the computer serial settings to the following: 19200, n, 8, 1
    • Using ‘TeraTerm’ (recommended) or an alternative terminal program, send “CLEAR” in the upper or lower case from the keyboard then press CTRL . The X200 unit should respond with “OK”.
    • The password is now clear and all factory default settings restored.


If you don't see"OK" on the TeraTerm terminal, please make sure that any driver of the serial cable has been installed on your PC properly.

  • If you don’t have any upgrade cables but are willing to make one then look at the pinouts here.

  • You can also email support at adder.com to raise an RMA number and return the locked unit to Adder. A small amount of fee will be charged for clearing the password.



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