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X200: Keyboards LEDs

The Caps, Scroll and Num Lock buttons on the keyboard can flash in different sequences when the X200 is either in one of the following modes.

User Contention

When using the X200 in conjunction with a CATX switch, the LED's on the keyboard will flash if the host that you are accessing is currently being used by another user. Any movement of the mouse or keyboard temporarily locks out other users from interacting with the host. After the user has stopped using the mouse or keyboard and the contention period (typically 2 seconds) has expired, then another user may take control over the host.
X200 LED's Contention

Configuration Mode

When the X200 is in configuration mode, the keyboard LED's strobe from Num Lock, Caps Lock and then Scroll Lock.
X200 LED's ConfigMode

Exiting Configuration Mode

Simply press the Enter key and the three LED's will return to their normal states

To Enter the Configuration Mode

Simultaneously press the currently configured hotkeys (by default Ctrl and Shift) along with Enter.
The three keyboard indicators (Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock) will now begin to flash in sequence to show that you are in configuration mode.
Please read the manual for the various configuration options available on the X200.

Password Locked

To indicate that the X200 has been password locked, the keyboard's LED's will alternately flash between the ‘Num Lock’ and 'Scroll Lock', and 'Caps Lock'. Whilst the X200 is locked, the video output will be blank.
X200 LED's Locked

To unlock the system

Note: Passwords are NOT case sensitive.
Note: If an invalid password has been entered and the keyboard indicators are not flashing as described above, press to Enter clear the incorrect attempt.

  • Enter the correct password and press Enter.
  • If the correct password is entered, the screen will be restored and normal operation can continue

To set a password

  • Simultaneously, press the hotkeys (by default Ctrl and Shift) along with Enter to enter configuration mode.
  • Press P followed by Enter.
  • Now enter your new password, within the following constraints:
    • Passwords are NOT case sensitive,
    • Passwords may be any length from one character to a maximum of forty characters,
    • The following keys may NOT be used: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, or Enter.
  • When you have entered the password, press Enter to signal its completion.
  • Press Enter once more to exit configuration mode.

To clear a password (and restore factory default settings)

  • Connect the X200 module to a computer in the same manner as you would to carry out a flash upgrade.
  • While power is applied, set the X200 upgrade switch SW1 to its ON position.
  • Remove power from the X200 unit and then re-apply power.
  • Set the computer serial settings to the following: 19200, n, 8, 1
  • Using ‘TeraTerm’ (recommended) or an alternative terminal program, send “CLEAR<cr>” - in upper or lower case from the keyboard. The X200 unit should respond with “OK”.
  • The password is now clear and all factory default settings restored.

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