What Hotkeys are supported?

Raise the OSD

CTRL + C (default)

OSD Screen

Use Arrow/Cursor keys to select a computer
Enter key connects as SHARED mode
Shift + Enter connects as VIEW ONLY mode
Ctrl + Enter connects as EXCLUSIVE mode
Alt + Enter connects as PRIVATE mode

What is the maximum cable length?

Between the DDX-USR and the DDX10/30 or directly to the DDX-CAM module is 50m. Between the DDX10/30 and the DDX-CAM is 10m.

Can I use an Optical Media Extender to increase the cable length?

No. Although the DDX uses CATX cables, the video, audio and USB signals are not sent using an IP protocol. It is possible to extend the cable length by using other extenders, such as our XD150 or XD150FX. You can connect the extenders to either the DDX-USR or the DDX-CAM modules to extend either end.

Why does my Microphone not work?

Have you connected an Amplifier to the headphone socket on the front of the DDX-USR? The headphone socket on the front has a capless output circuit - this means that the 'Ground' connection on the jack sleeve is actually about 1.65V. If this is connected to an Amplifier that connects it to Ground, then distortion will likely occur. Use the Speaker line-level audio output on the back of the DDX-USR instead.

Can I use the DDX with a 4:3 Screen Resolution?

Yes, however, by default, the OSD thumbnail screen is set to support a screen that can display 1920x1080. This can be changed by connecting to the DDX's web interface and navigating to Configure -> Central Switch and OSD Settings. In the EDID dropdown menu, choose a resolution that the monitor can support and press Save.

Can I use the DDX with an IPEPS+

Yes, the IPEPS+ will work with the DDX when connected to a DDX-USR. However, the IPEPS+ has a feature called "File Transfer" that is not compatible with the DDX, as it does not support USB flash drives. Therefore, File Transfer should be disabled on the IPEPS+ using the instructions below:-

  • Connect to the IPEPS-PLUS using a VNC Viewer
  • Login as an Admin user
  • Click on the Configure button at the top right-hand corner.
  • Choose Unit Configuration from the menu.
  • Click on the Advanced Unit Configuration button.
  • In the Advanced Unit Configuration, untick Enable File Transfer
  • Click Save
  • Exit the menu

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