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CCS-PRO: Multi-Monitor Support


The CCS-PRO only supports multiple monitors on Windows 7, 8 & 10 (inc. Windows Server GUI equivalents, e.g 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019 etc). Mac OSX is limited to a single video output. Linux is not fully supported, however, you can request a beta driver from Adder Support.


The CCS-PRO4 & CCS-PRO8 can support up to 16 monitors per host computer and relies on the host computer supporting an absolute mouse driver for Free-Flow to work. For the CCS-PRO to work with more than one monitor, a MUMO (Multi-monitor) Free-Flow driver must be installed on the host computer. The Windows driver is available to download from the Adder website.

From Windows MUMO driver version 1.15, the way that the monitors are identified has changed. This is to guard against situations where Windows could enumerate the monitors in different orders when turning them off and on. This could cause the Free-Flow and Windows monitor desktop layouts to be out of sync, preventing the mouse from flowing in the order you had chosen. The driver now determines the order by their physical connection on the graphics card(s). An application called Multi-Monitor Settings is installed alongside the driver which resides in the Windows System Tray. It enables you to identify monitors by letter (A,B,C...) and also re-order them if necessary.

Without a Multi-Monitor Driver

With Free-Flow enabled, but without a multi-monitor driver installed, the mouse pointer will wrap around the first screen for each monitor attached to the host and then move on to the next. The image below shows a CCS-PRO connected to two host computers, the first host has two monitors and the second just one. The animation shows the pointer wrapping around the first screen twice, skipping the second screen, and then jumping to the third monitor that is controlled by the second host.

CCSPRO MultimonitorNoDrvr


Multi-Monitor Driver Installed

With Free-Flow enabled and a multi-monitor driver installed on each host with multiple monitors, the mouse pointer will flow from monitor to monitor and host to host.

CCSPRO MultimonitorDrvr


Identifying the Monitors

After you have installed the MUMO driver, a Multi-Monitor Settings application will be available in the Windows system tray. The application's icon is shown below.


If you right mouse click on the application icon, there are two options, Identify Monitors and Configure Settings. Clicking on Identify Monitors will show each monitor's assigned letter in the top left-hand corner. The labels that are shown can be used to configure the Free-Flow layout that is uploaded to CCS-PRO.

Free FlowIdentify

Changing the Assigned Monitor Labels

The Multi-Monitor Settings application allows you to change the labels that are automatically assigned to the attached monitors. This is typically only required if the CCS-PRO is connected to a multi-headed KVM switch or matrix, and the hosts that they are switching between have different window layouts.


The application will display the number of active monitors connected to the host computer by an assigned letter (A, B. C etc). This doesn't represent the way that the screens are actually orientated, but rather allows you to change their letter assignment by right-mouse clicking on a screen and choosing what it should be changed to. Right mouse clicking on monitor 'A', in the example below, offers you the ability to change it to either 'B', 'C' or 'D'. After the option is selected, the application will switch over the assigned letters. Clicking the Apply button will commit the change.


There are other options available:-

  • Identify will show you the letter label on-screen that is assigned to the monitor
  • Reset Default will revert the assigned label back to its original detected state.
  • Undo will revert any monitor re-assignments before you press the Apply button.

The title of the Multi-Monitor Settings application will inform you if it is using the 'Default Configuration' or 'Custom Configuration' if there has been a change.


  • Make sure you are running the latest Free-Flow multi-monitor driver.
  • Always make sure that all the monitors which are present in the CCS-PRO's Free-Flow layout are connected and on. If they are not, it may affect the CCS-PRO layout and the mouse will not seamlessly move from one monitor to another.
  • If you are using the CCS-PRO with a multi-video-headed KVM switch or KVM digital matrix product like Infinity, you may find when switching between hosts that the FreeFlow layout could be miss-matched. Use the Mult-Monitor Settings tool to re-assign the labels so that all the hosts match the Free-Flow layout.


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