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CCS-PRO: Multi-Monitor Support


The CCS-PRO only supports multiple monitors on Windows 7, 8 & 10 (inc. Windows Server GUI equivalents, e.g 2008, 2012 etc) and some variants of Linux

The CCS-PRO can support up to 16 monitors per host computer and relies on the host computer supporting an absolute mouse driver for Free-Flow to work.

Without a Multi-Monitor Driver

With Free-Flow enabled, but without a multi-monitor driver installed, the mouse pointer will wrap around the first screen for each monitor attached to the host and then move on to the next. The image below shows a CCS-PRO connected to two host computers, the first host has two monitors and the second just one. The animation shows pointer wrapping around the first screen twice, skipping the second screen and then jumping to the third monitor that is controlled by the second host.

CCSPRO MultimonitorNoDrvr

Multi-Monitor Driver Installed

With Free-Flow enabled and a multi-monitor driver installed on each host with multiple monitors, the mouse pointer will flow from monitor to monitor and host to host.

CCSPRO MultimonitorDrvr


When the host computer boots, it can sometimes enumerate the monitors in different orders. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, always make sure that the monitors are turned on before booting the host computer.

If you see the behaviour similar to the animation below when switching between monitors on the same host computer with Free-Flow mode enabled, you may need to do one of two things:-

  1. Change your Free-Flow layout or
  2. Swap around the monitors in the Display Settings in the operating system.

CCSPRO MultimonitorOrder

Changing the Free-Flow Layout

Simply swap around the monitors in the Free-Flow layout and upload to the CCS-PRO. In the example below, monitors 1A and 1B are swapped around.

CCSPRO MultimonitorSwapLayout

Swapping around the monitors in the Display Settings

In the Windows Display Control Panel settings, you can swap around the displays by simply clicking and dragging one in front of the other.

CCSPRO MultimonitorSwapDisplay

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