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CCS-PRO: Enabling and Disabling Free-Flow


Free-Flow only works if there is a layout uploaded to the switch. Out of the box, a simple layout is installed in the factory. However, if you factory reset the CCS-PRO, the configuration layout will be lost and Free-Flow will not work until a new layout is uploaded.

Free-Flow is the technology built into the CCS-PRO4 & CCS-PRO8 switches that enable the mouse pointer to seamlessly move from one host to another.   For Free-Flow to work, the hosts operating system must support an absolute mouse.  It supports Windows, Macintosh (Single Screen) and variants of Linux (Single and Multi-screen).   For Windows to support multiple screens, you must install the Multi-Monitor driver which is available to download from the main Adder website.

An Absolute Mouse works by telling the host where you want the mouse pointer to be positioned on the screen. A good example of an absolute device is a touchscreen. When you press the screen in different locations, the touchscreen tells the host where you have pressed and acts accordingly. Depending on the touchscreen driver, the mouse pointer will also move to the position that you pressed.

Free-Flow mode can be enabled and disabled using a hotkey combination.  By default, the hotkeys are set to CTRL+ALT (Configurable). To toggle Free-Flow mode press CTRL+ALT+F.

You can determine which mode the CCS-PRO is running by looking at the front LCD panel. Below each of the KVM, SPK, USB1 and USB2 labels, you may see a dot to indicate their mode. Below those dots, are a second set of dots that pulse when Free-Flow mode is enabled.

Free-Flow Off

With Free-Flow disabled, the CCS-PRO uses a relative mouse driver. There will be no second set of dots below the first.

CCSPRO FreeFlowOff

Free-Flow On

When Free-Flow is enabled, the second row of dots on the front LCD panel will pulse across the screen. The CCS-PRO will use an absolute mouse. NOTE: The image below is an animated GIF which may not be supported by your browser.




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