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CCS-PRO: Enabling and Disabling Free-Flow


Free-Flow only works if there is a layout uploaded to the switch. Out of the box, a simple layout is installed in the factory. However, if you factory reset the CCS-PRO, the configuration layout will be lost and Free-Flow will not work until a new layout is uploaded.

Free-Flow is the technology built into the CCS-PRO4 & CCS-PRO8 switches that enable the mouse pointer to seamlessly move from one host to another.   For Free-Flow to work, the hosts operating system must support an absolute mouse.  It supports Windows, Macintosh (Single Screen) and variants of Linux (Single and Multi-screen).   For Windows to support multiple screens, you must install the Multi-Monitor driver which is available to download from the main Adder website.

An absolute mouse is one that reports the mouse pointers coordinates as it is moved on the screen.   A relative mouse, on the other hand, translates movements of the mouse directly to the mouse pointer but it does not know where the pointer is on the screen.

Free-Flow mode can be enabled and disabled using a hotkey combination.  By default, the hotkeys are set to CTRL+ALT (Configurable). To toggle Free-Flow mode press CTRL+ALT+F.

You can determine which mode the CCS-PRO is running by looking at the front LCD panel. Below each of the KVM, SPK, USB1 and USB2 labels, you may see a dot to indicate their mode. Below those dots, are a second set of dots that pulse when Free-Flow mode is enabled.

Free-Flow Off

With Free-Flow disabled, the CCS-PRO uses a relative mouse driver. There will be no second set of dots below the first.

CCSPRO FreeFlowOff

Free-Flow On

When Free-Flow is enabled, the second row of dots on the front LCD panel will pulse across the screen. The CCS-PRO will use an absolute mouse. NOTE: The image below is an animated GIF which may not be supported by your browser.




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