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Free-Flow is not working

There are a number of things to check should FreeFlow not be working.

  • The mouse and keyboard must be connected to the designated USB ports.

CCS PRO   FreeFlow Port

  • Check that Free-Flow is enabled.
  • FreeFlow is only supported on an operating system that supports an absolute mouse, this includes Windows, Mac and Linux. If you have multiple monitors, then only Windows and some variants of Linux are supported using a multi-monitor driver.
    • For Windows, the multi-monitor driver is available on the download section of the CCS-PRO4 page (the driver is the same for the CCS-PRO8).
    • For Linux, please contact us and request the Linux beta driver.
  • A Free-Flow configuration must be uploaded to the switch. The configuration will be discarded if you factory reset the switch.

Can I use a longer 10-pin cable between the CCS-PRO and CCS-XB Light Module?

No, the maximum cable length is 1m. If you need to place the CCS-LED's further away, it is possible to order 5m versions of the CCS-LED's. Alternatively, you could move the CCS-PRO closer to the monitors by extending the mouse and keyboard port on the CCS-PRO. NOTE; The CCS-PRO's console port only supports Full and low-speed hubs/extenders.

What is the maximum password length?

The maximum number of characters that can be used in a password is 16.

Windows 10 Update Release Stops Free-Flow

The Free-Flow feature on CCS-PRO requires that the host operating system can support an absolute mouse. This is where the mouse tells the host computer where the pointer is on the screen.

Up until the release of a Windows 10 build in Early 2019, it was necessary that you installed our multi-monitor driver to work with more than one monitor. After Early 2019 Windows 10 treated all the screens as one large workspace instead, so depending on your screen layout, the multi-monitor driver was not required. However, after the Windows update on June 8th 2021 "Patch Day", this change has now been reverted, meaning that the mouse pointer will be confined to the first screen unless you install the multi-monitor driver. You will also need to download and use the Free-Flow Configurator to arrange the screen layout.

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