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 To aid the development of 3rd party controllers using the CCS-PRO's API, we have created a windows application that demonstrates how the API works.

The software is a Windows 32-bit .NET Framework 4.0 application and will run on Windows, 7, 8 and 10. In the unlikely event you do not have the .NET Framework installed, you can install it from here.

Disclaimer: This software is provided 'as is' without support or warranty of any kind.
Download: CCS-PRO Controller v1.0.1.zip



  • Download and unzip the CCS-PRO Controller application.
  • Run the CCS-PRO Controller
  • Enter the IP address of the CCS-PRO, default IP address is
  • Choose the Model, either CCS-PRO4 or CCS-PRO8. This simply enables or disables the 5-8 buttons under the Controls tab.
  • By default, to access the CCS-PRO's web interface or to send an API command you must enter a username and password. Ticking the Authentication checkbox will allow you to enter the username and password. Default login username = admin and password = password.

    CCS PRO API   Connection


  • Click on the Control tab
  • The numbered buttons represent the Port number on the CCS-PRO. The number of buttons that are enabled, are dependant on which CCS-PRO Model you chose. Pressing a port number button will automatically send an HTTP get command to the CCS-PRO.
  • The Modes checkboxes, allow you to choose which component changes when you press the port number button. For example, if only the Kbd/Mouse is checked, then the Speaker, USB1 and USB2 connections will not change.

    CCS PRO API   Control

  • The application shows you a log of the activity you have with the CCS-PRO, including error messages if the application is unable to reach the CCS-PRO.


  • On the screenshot example below, the log shows that only the Keyboard (Kbd) and Mouse switching has been ticked, and that port buttons 1, 2, 3 & 4 had been individually pressed.

    CCS PRO API   Control2

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