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CCS-PRO: Using the API

The Application Programming Interface (API) for the CCS-PRO4 & CCS-PRO8 requires the controlling system to send an HTTP Get request.

A windows application called the CCS-PRO Controller is available for download, whose purpose is to demo and show you the API working in action.

Disable Login

By default, to access the CCS-PRO's web interface or to send an API command you must enter a username and password. For simplicity, it is easier to disable authentication if you wish to try the API commands with a web browser.


If you are writing your own application and access security is important then it is not recommended to make this change. You would need to make sure your application performs the web authentication itself.
  • Open the CCS-PRO's web interface (default: IP is
  • Enter the Username and Password (default: admin and password)
  • Navigate to Configuration and Network Settings.
  • Untick Require a username and password to logon

    CCS PRO Network Settings

  • Press Save to commit the change.

Sending Commands

To send an API command, you use the following syntax:

  • http://<ipaddress>/cgi-bin/channel?<parameter(s)>

The following parameters are available:

  • km=<channel> Switches the keyboard and mouse to the defined channel.
  • spk=<channel> Switches the speakers to the defined channel.
  • usb1=<channel> Switches USB port 1 to the defined channel.
  • usb2=<channel> Switches USB port 2 to the defined channel.

An ampersand (&) should be placed between each parameter if changing more than one mode,


The following command will switch the keyboard and mouse to channel 3, the speakers to channel 4, USB port 1 to channel 2 and USB port 2 to channel 1


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