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CATX4000: Getting Started

The name CATX 4000 (aka CatxIP 4000) is a generic term used to describe the series of products, that include the following:-

  • AVX4016 - up to 16x Computers
  • AVX4024 - up to 24x Computerss
  • AVX4016IP - up to 16x Computers with Remote VNC access
  • AVX4024IP - up to 24x Computers with Remote VNC access


  • ADDERView CATX4000 product is a high density, fully-featured KVM switch enabling up to 4 local to access and control up to 24 computers at BIOS level. A combination of USB console support and a full KVM feature set ensure high-performance, flexible switching of USB, video and audio signals. The CATxIP variant allows a global remote VNC user to connect into the switch.

User Manuals

Advice and Setup

  • You need CATx CAM's to connect to the host computers.
  • Out of the box you will need to learn the monitors EDID as the default one may not be suitable for your monitor.
  • Use CAT5e cable.
  • Avoid using patch panels.
  • The maximum cable length between the CATX4000 and the CAM module is 50m. You will need to use the Video Compensation settings to setup the video.
  • The overall maximum overall cable length is 300m, this includes the length between the CATX4000 and CAM plus the length between the CATX4000 and remote user (X100 or X200).
  • Upgrading the Firmware
  • VNC Mouse Calibration (CATxIP versions)
  • Maximum screen resolution when connecting remotely is via VNC 1600x1200 (CATxIP versions)
  • The CATX4000 series is not cascadable with the CATX1000 or CATX5000 series products.

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