CATX1000: Getting Started

The name CATX 1000 (aka CatxIP 1000) is a generic term used to describe the series of products, that include the following:-

  • AVX1008 - up to 8x Computers
  • AVX1016 - up to 16x Computerss
  • AVX108IP - up to 8x Computers with Remote VNC access
  • AVX1016IP - up to 16x Computers with Remote VNC access

The AVX1016IP has been built into a rack drawer, featuring a 17-inch or 19-inch monitor, keyboard and touchpad mouse.

  • RD1716 - 17" Monitor
  • RD1916 - 19" Monitor
  • RD1716IP - 17" Monitor with Remote VNC Access
  • RD1916IP - 19" Monitor with Remote VNC Access


  • ADDERView® CATx 1000 switch is a high density, small form factor KVM product providing local and remote access, granting control of up to 16 multi-platform servers via CATx cabling. A combination of USB console support with a full KVM feature set ensures high-performance switching of USB, video and audio signals ideal for server room and desktop environments. Any type of server can be connected to when combining the ADDERView CATx 1000 with the ADDER Computer Access Modules (CAM). This product is part of the CATx range. The CATxIP variant a0llows a global remote VNC user to connect into the switch.

User Manuals

Advice and Setup

  • You need CATx CAM's to connect to the host computers.
  • Out of the box on you will need to learn the monitors EDID as the default one may not be suitable for your monitor (AVX1008 and AVX1016 only).
  • Use CAT5e cable.
  • Avoid using patch panels.
  • The maximum cable length between the CATX1000 and the CAM module is 10m.
  • The overall maximum overall cable length is 210m, this includes the length between the CATX1000 and CAM plus the length between the CATX1000 and remote user (X100 or X200).
  • Cascading Compatibilty List
  • VNC Mouse Calibration (CATxIP versions)
  • Port Forwarding

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