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XD600: Upgrading the Firmware

This procedure covers the upgrade of the XD612, XD614, XD641, and XD642. The upgrade time can vary between the models. The XD612, XD641, and XD642 take approximately 6 minutes to upgrade, whilst the XD614 can take around 11 minutes

  1. Obtain upgrade file from the product pages on the main Adder Website.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the upgrade.bin to the top level of a FAT32 formatted USB stick.
  3. Ensure Receiver & Transmitter are linked together (by copper or fiber network cable), powered on and the LINK LED is showing Green.
  4. Press and hold the reset button on Receiver until the Status (STS) LED flashes Blue/Red

    XD600 Upgrade   Reset

  5. Insert the USB stick into the leftmost USB socket on the Receiver

    XD600 Upgrade   Insert USB

  6. Access the Dashboard to monitor the progress of upgrading.
  7. The Status (STS) LEDs on BOTH the Receiver and Transmitter should flash Red/Green whilst the upgrade is taking place. A progress indication is also displayed on the OSD.
  8. After a few minutes the Transmitter and Receiver should reboot and LEDs show Green, indicating a successful upgrade. The video screen output may flicker on/off during the reboot process – this is due to Windows and will settle to redisplay the video output after approx. 1 minute.


There is upgrade failure observed about 1 in 5 attempts. If you experience constant upgrade failure, please provide the error code on Dashboard to Adder Support.

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