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XD600: CATx Link Cable Recommendations

This page covers the CATx Link Cable Recommendations for the XD612, XD614, XD641, and XD642.

Due to the high data bandwidth required between the transmitter and receiver, ADDERLink XD600 series modules are highly dependent upon good quality CATx cable links. Video performance is particularly reliant on high-speed communication channels.

The main factors that affect link quality are:

• The length and type of CATx cable used (CAT5e up to 50m, CAT6 up to 100m),

• The number, length, and type of intermediate patch connections,

• The quality of the cable terminations.

CAT6 is recommended for CATx extensions, with a gauge (thickness) of at least 23AWG. Up to 5Gb/s of data may be transmitted, so the cable must be rated for at least 5GBase-T or 250MHz.

Patch links affect performance. For each additional break/patch within a run, the overall maximum extension is likely to be reduced. The amount will be dependent upon the nature of the patch panel. For best results, patch cables should be of type CAT6 and be less than 2 meters in length.

Use of CAT7 cables is not recommended. There is no associated ANSI/TIA specification for CAT7 resulting in a wide range of cable quality available, particularly with regard to shield grounding.


In order to work in CATx mode, the SFP+ fiber modules must be removed from their sockets.

The CATx ports are not network ports and should not be connected to network switches or computer ports.

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