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XD600: Capability Matrix

Model Resolution 1Resolution 2Resolution 3Resolution 4Local FeedthroughUSBNotes
XD6414096/60---Resolution1HID ONLYSingle head ONLY. Duplicated on output 2 at Rx. NO MST

Up to 5Gb
4096/304096/30--N/AHID & TransparentDual 4K/30 max over Copper NO MST
XD642 (FIB)
Up to 10Gb
4096/604096/60--N/AHID & TransparentDual 4K/60 needs Fiber. Single 4K/60 allows 4K/60 LFT
XD6144K or 1200/60- or 1200/60- or 1200/60- or 1200/60Any (Win10)HID ONLYSingle 4K with 4K LFT OR Quad HD1200. multi head GFX can be used to create multi-head LFT
XD6121200/601200/60--Both (MST)HID ONLYSingle or Dual HD ONLY with matching MST Feedthrough

  • MST = Multi-Stream Transport
  • LFT = Local Feed Through

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