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XD522: Upgrading the Firmware

The firmware update for the XD522 must be performed on both the Transmitter and Receiver independently using a terminal emulator program that supports XMODEM file transfer. For this example, we will use the ExtraPutty terminal software.


  • Download the XD522 firmware from the main Adder website - http://www.adder.com.
  • Download ExtraPutty from http://www.extraputty.com
  • Run the putty.exe application.
  • From the category options in the list on the left hand-side, choose Serial.

    XD522 Upgrade1

  • Connect the supplied serial cable (VSC40) between your computer and the Options port of the AdderLink XD522 unit to be upgraded.
  • For the Serial line to connect dropdown, choose the COM/Serial port the serial cable is connected to on your computer. The dropdown will list all the COM Ports that are available. In this example, the XD522 endpoint is connected to COM4.
  • Enter the following serial settings:-
    • Speed (baud): 115200
    • Data bits: 8
    • Stop bits: 1
    • Parity: None
    • Flow control: None (DTR/RTS enabled)

    XD522 Upgrade2

  • Click on Session on the category options on the left hand-side.
  • In the Connection type section, choose Serial.

    XD522 Upgrade3

  • You should now see Serial line with the COM port number and Speed.

    XD522 Upgrade4

  • On one of the XD522 units, press and hold the reset button with straightened out paper clip until the LED's start flashing.

    XD522 Upgrade5

  • Click on Open.

    XD522 Upgrade6

  • From the File Transfer menu, choose Xmodem and then Send.

    XD522 Upgrade7

  • A Open file browser dialog will appear, locate the XD522 upgrade bin file that you downloaded. Press Open.
  • The upgrade file should start uploading to the XD522.

    XD522 Upgrade8

  • During the upgrade, the LED's will flash in the following sequence:-

  • The unit will reboot after the firmware upgrade has been uploaded and applied.
  • Make sure that you upgrade both the Transmitter and Receiver using this method.

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