X2: Getting Started


This product series has been discontinued

The AdderLink X2 is a generic term used to describe the series of products, that include the following:-

  • X2
  • X2-Silver - Skew Compensation
  • X2-Gold - Audio and Skew Compensation
  • X2-MS2 - 2x Video Screen
  • X2-MS4 - 4x Video Screen


  • The ADDERLink X2, (part of the ADDERLink X Series range), extends very high-quality video, keyboard, mouse and transparent, high speed RS232 up to 300m (1000ft) over Category 5 or higher UTP cable. The ADDERLink X2 MultiScreen has been designed to provide industry-leading video clarity, compatibility and high rack densities.

User Manuals

Advice and Setup

  • Use CAT5e cable.
  • Make sure that the X2 local and receiver units are on the same power phase.
  • If the picture is not clear, you can adjust the sharpness and brightness under Sharpness and Brightness
  • Avoid using patch panels if possible.

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