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X100: Clear the password

  • If you know the password, you can unlock the system with the password and enter Configuration Mode. Within configuration mode press F8+Enter, the password will be cleared.  Any current image control settings or skew adjustments will not be reset. 

If a user inadvertently sets a password, the video output will be blank when the system is locked. Annoyingly this does happen occasionally.

  • If you don’t know the password but have an Adder non-IP CATx switch then you can unlock the unit.
    • Connect the X100 module to an Adder non-IP CATx switch.
    • Display the Configuration Menu using the keyboard connected to the switch.
    • Clear UTP Extender Password is under the Function menu.
    • Once the password has been cleared, the X100 should come back to Configuration Mode.
    • Press Enter to save and exit Configuration Mode using the keyboard connected to X100.

  • You can also email support at adder.com to raise an RMA number and return the unit to Adder. A small amount of fee will be charged for clearing the password.

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