X-USBPRO: Getting Started

This page contains links to guide you through setting up an X-USBPRO and X-USBPRO-MS2 extenders.


The ADDERLink X-USB PRO is Adder’s next-generation USB, video and audio extender, distributing uncompressed data to deliver sharp, bright, high-resolution video images and high-quality audio to single user consoles up to 300m (1000ft) away over a single CATx cable. The X-USBPRO-MS2 variant allows you to extend two video heads.

User Manual

Advice and Setup

  • Out of the box you will need to learn the monitors EDID as the default one may not be suitable for your monitor.
  • Make sure that the X-USBPRO local and remote units are on the same power phase.
  • Use CAT5e cable (maximum 300m).
  • Avoid using patch panels if possible.
  • If the picture is not clear, you can adjust the Video Compensation settings.

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