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X-DVIPRO: Cable type and distance rules

  • Cable screening is paramount.The best cable screening specifications for digital KVM extension are: S/FTP, S/STP or PiMF.
  • Extension distances up to 50m are supported with single uninterrupted runs of recommended cable (Adder CAT7 patch cable) at full resolution.
  • Extensions of 50m may be achieved with single uninterrupted runs of shielded CAT6a bulk/trunk (not patch) cable at full resolution.
  • Adder does not recommend CAT5e cables for use with this product.
  • Overall cable runs must be reduced by 5m for each additional cable coupling.
  • Run specifications may be increased by 10m when using resolutions of 1280 x 1024 or lower.
  • All patch cables should be as short as possible and should be no longer than 2m.
  • It is recommended that Adder CAT7 patch cables are used for maximum performance.


Recommended 50m link cable for best results: Adder part number - VSCAT7-50.

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