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Network: Using Wireshark to check if IGMP is configured


The purpose of this procedure is to determine whether unsolicited multicast traffic is being received on the network, using the Wireshark network packet monitoring tool.


  • Download and install Wireshark.
  • Connect the host computer to the network switch.
  • Open Wireshark
  • Navigate to the Capture menu, and choose the Options menu.
  • In the Input tab, select the network adapter that you have connected to the switch.

    ALIF Wireshark1
  • Press the Start button
  • You should see some activity on the network.

    ALIF Wireshark2
  • Start a multicast session on the network. This can be done in a number of ways, there are two options below:-
  • In the Wireshark filter, enter ip.dst== and press Enter. This will filter the capture network traffic to only show those packets that have been multicast

    ALIF Wireshark3
  • If you do not see any multicast packets, then it would suggest that IGMP has been configured correctly.

  • The screenshot below is showing that multicast traffic is being received. The key elements are the destination address which is between 224.0. 0.0 to 239.255. 255.255 and that the protocol is UDP. The destination address the multicast group that a transmitter on the network is broadcasting to. Infinity and XDIP default multicast addresses are in the 237.x.x.x range.

    ALIF Wireshark4
  • If you are seeing entries in Wireshark in this address range then IGMP has not been configured correctly on the network switch. Please read our Successful Infinity Implementation guide.

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