LPV150P: Getting Started

This page contains links to guide you through setting up an ADDERLink LPV digital signage extender. The product codes are ALPV150P (pair), ALPV150R (receiver only), and ALPV150T (transmitter only).


The ADDERLink® LPV has been designed to deliver stunning results at a really attractive price, making it the perfect introduction to professional digital signage. The ADDERLink LPV digital signage extender is possibly the easiest to install point to point extender available today. In addition to its simplicity, the LPV also delivers fantastic video up to 150m away.

User Manual

Advice and Setup

  • Out of the box you will need to learn the monitors EDID as the default one may not be suitable for your monitor.
  • Make sure that the LPV150P local and remote units are on the same power phase.
  • If the picture is not clear, you can adjust the sharpness using the rotary dial on the remote unit.
  • Use only screened (FTP) cable (maximum 150m).
  • IMPORTANT: Do not connect the local unit, via CATx cable, to anything other than the remote unit.

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