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IPEPS-DA: Auto Login to the Local Console

By default when using the local connection on the IPEPS-DA you are asked to log-in before viewing the host computer. This is presented each time the IPEPS-DA is powered on.


To configure the IPEPS to automatically log-in to the Local Console you must log-in using VNC.


  • Connect to the IPEPS using the VNC Viewer.
  • Log-in as Admin
  • Click on the Configure button at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • In the Configuration menu, click on the User Accounts button.
  • On the Users list is a column called Auto Logon.

IPEPSDA SetAutoLogin

  • Create a new user if you wish, or use the default Admin account.
  • Tick the Auto Logon checkbox for the User Account that you wish the Local Console to automatically log-in as.
  • Press Save to commit the change.
  • If you now power cycle the IPEPS-DA then it will automatically log-in to the console.

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