IPEPS: How to factory reset

If the iPEPS network address has been previously changed from its factory default, then it won’t respond when you try to make initial contact. You can reset it to its default address ( and other settings by performing the following:

  1. Remove all power to the device.
  2. Set switch 2 on the side of the unit to its ON position.
  3. Apply power to the device. After about two seconds the VNC indicator will light. Before the indicator extinguishes, insert a thin object (such as a straightened paperclip) into the small hole adjacent to the power socket to depress the concealed reset switch and then remove it.
  4. Shortly after, the VNC light should flash five times. This indicates that the reset operation has been successful.
  5. Remove power and return switch 2 on the side of the unit to its OFF position.

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