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CCS-PRO: Windows minimize when switching Hosts

When you move the mouse from one host to another, the mouse pointer by default hides by parking itself off-screen in the bottom right corner. On Windows 7, 8 and 10 there is a feature called Aero Peek that can cause open windows to minimise themselves when the mouse cursor is over the end of the taskbar.

There are two options to solve the problem.

Solution 1 - Disabling Aero Peek

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar and select Properties. Now uncheck the option Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop.
  2. Click on Apply button and it will disable the Aero Peek feature.

    Windows 7 Taskbar Properties  

Solution 2 - Changing the Mouse Parking position

The Free-Flow Configuration software allows you to change where the mouse is parked when the CCS switches from one host to the other.

  • Open the Configure Free-Flow application
  • Navigate to Configure -> Mouse Parking
  • On the Mouse Parking setting window, you can choose the new position where the mouse cursor will hide.

    CCSPRO4 FreeFlowMouseParking

  • Press OK.

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