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CCS-PRO: How to connect peripherals to independent channels

There are two ways in which you can configure the CCSPRO can have it's peripherals connected to different channels. This page will be a guide for those two methods and cover any additional points of note.

Switching mode


The switching mode are the peripherals that will be switched. Peripherals not selected will be left connected to the channel selected.

Default switching mode

The first thing to consider is your default switching mode. This is the default peripherals that will be switched when using Free-Flow. This can be set from the Free-Flow configurator and will be preserved through power cycle. This should be considered as it'll affect which peripherals are switched as you move the mouse. If you want a USB device to be connected to a specific channel then you might not want it to be included in the default switching mode.

You can find these options in the Free-Flow configurator under Configure -> Switch...


Then from the Switch... menu tick the peripherals you want to switch with Free-Flow. In the example, only the Keyboard and Mouse will switch.


Mode Button

If you're not using Free-Flow you can achieve the same thing by using the mode button on the front of the unit. This will select which peripheral will be switched with the hotkeys or the computer button on the front of the unit.


Connecting peripherals to independent channels

Web interface

From the status page of the web interface there is the channel control settings. This shows which peripheral is connected to which channel.


Using the drop down menus you can change what channel each peripheral is connected to. In the example below I'm selecting channel 2 for USB 2. This will mean all other peripherals (Keyboard, mouse, speakers and USB 1) will be connected to channel 1 while USB 2 is connected to channel 2.


Front panel buttons

Using the buttons on the front as mentioned previously. You can select the peripheral you'd like to switch using the mode button and then use the computer button to change which channel that peripheral is connected to.
In the example below the keyboard and mouse will be switched between each channel when pressing the computer button while all other peripherals will remain.


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