C-USB-LAN: Resetting

 Quick Start Guide

There is a quick start guide available here

Resetting by breaking a Pairing

To break a pairing you need to hold the mode button in for more than 10 seconds, less than 15. As detailed in the quick start guide.
After a pairing is broken, to re-pair units you simply need to tap the mode button on both the transmitter and receiver, the "Link" light will start flashing rapidly and the units should repair after a couple of seconds.

Resetting by putting the unit into DHCP mode

Resetting the IP config, which will put the unit back into a DHCP mode and make it discoverable by AIM is a little more complicated. You need to first remove power from the unit, then re-power it and as quickly as you can press the mode button and hold it for between 5 and 10 seconds. Then power cycle the unit. There won’t be any sort of confirmation flash when doing this. It's often easiest to do this reset while the unit is disconnected from the network.

 Adding units to AIM

When adding the units to an AIM you do not need them to be in their pairing/discovery mode. It is only required to connect the units to the network and then apply power to the units. The AIM will pick them up provided they are in their DHCP mode and unpaired. The last thing of note is that the C-USB-LAN tab on the AIM UI will not auto-update, you’ll have to refresh the page for the units to show up.

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