AVS: Secure Switch Qualifications


Please read the specific details of Tempest Design below

Part Code CAC Reader EAL Tempest Design NIAP PP 4.0
AVS-1000 *
AVS-2000 *
AVS-4000 *

* Adder branded card reader

Tempest Design

The Secure Analogue Enhanced and Secure Analogue Standard are tempest qualified. The tempest qualification is not a formal qualification that the secure switches have. A single analogue secure switch has been through a Tempest testing facility and passed, we do not have each switch tested which is a requirement for selling under the qualification. We just know that the switches are capable of passing Tempest test which is why we use the phrase Tempest Qualified Design.


EAL stands for Evaluation Assurance Level of an IT system. The secure switches are certified for two types of EAL 2+ and 4+. The AVSC does not have 2+ qualification because it has a CAC reader.

Product Part Code 2+ 4+
Secure Analogue Enhanced AVSC1100
Secure Analogue Standard AVSV1000
Secure Digital Standard AVSD1000

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