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AV8PRO: Logitech mice and wireless keyboard mouse combo not working

There are two types of USB technologies used by the switch.

1. Ports USB1 and USB2 are enumerated (switched) ports so devices connected to these ports are disconnected/reconnected at each switch over and the computer needs to enumerate them to work. They support all types of USB2.0 devices.

2. The keyboard and mouse ports are emulated ports, they emulate the keyboard/mouse to all computers and are always available to all computers.

Problem: None of Logitech and Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse combo devices work with AV8PRO on its keyboard and mouse ports. Neither does Logitech M500 wired mouse.

Remedies: Put those mice on Ports USB1 and USB2 and select a computer using the front panel or using hotkeys. Using the mouse buttons or keyboard hotkeys won't work.

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