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Why is the DisplayPort version of the AV4PRO slower to switch channels?

A DisplayPort video interface uses a process known as link-training when establishing a connection between the host computer and the monitor.

When you connect a DisplayPort monitor and host computer together it does the following:-

  • The monitor informs the host computer about is capabilities using it's EDID, which includes information about the resolutions and refresh rates that it supports.
  • Host's video output will start performing link-training tests to ensure that the link cable is capable of supporting the highest resolution. If not, it will keep trying until it finds a stable lower resolution that the link can support. The link training process can often take a few seconds to complete. The speed in which the video is actually shown can vary between monitors.

When changing the channel on the AV4PRO-DP, the host and monitor DisplayPort link must be trained each time. This is in contrast to a DVI video interface, where the AV4PRO-DVI is able to quickly switch because the host can be easily tricked into believing the monitor is still connected using HotPlug detect. This is not so easy with DisplayPort due to the nature of the technology,

No Video with Monitors that Support HBR2 or higher

Support for High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2) demands a higher data throughput than the AV4PRO-DP can support. Try disabling HBR2 mode on the monitor or if there is an option change the DisplayPort mode to 1,1,

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