ALIF: Standard functional checks to carry out


The following checks should be carried out prior to making any significant changes (i.e. upgrades or config changes to any part of the system).
These checks are a framework to ensure a baseline operation, they can be adapted to suite the needs of your system.

For any questions contact us at support at adder.com

From each receiver check the following:

  1. The OSD can be raised using the expected hotkey combination
  2. Mouse can be used to navigate the OSD easily and a channel/mode selected
  3. Video, USB and Audio (if included) are working correctly when connected to a channel
  4. Using the management/configuration PC, Check statistics is available and working
  5. Connect from a different receiver to the same channel as the first receiver.
  6. Confirm both the connections have the expected functionality via the multicast
  7. Connect to each channel, in each mode, and confirm 1 – 5 for all receivers
  8. Check Hotkey favourites function correctly (where applicable)
  9. Check remote OSD functionality is working as expected (where applicable)
  10. Check preset functionality
  11. Test teaming resilience by disconnecting either endpoint connection cable
  12. Check all 3 users have correct access
  13. Take a config backup

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