ALIF: Serial RS232 Port


Serial is a point to point connection only. If you are using an AIM Manager you can not share a channel which is set up to use serial. Once in use, other receievers can only view the channel.

With the exception of the ALIF100T, the Infinity transmitters (TX) and receivers (RX) have a serial port. Both the TX and RX serial ports operate as DTE (Data terminal equipment) rather than as DCE (Data Communication Equipment), which means that it is the end serial device. Therefore, the pinout of the cable used with Infinity and the connected devices is important.

Pin Out

The table shows the RS2323 pinout of a DB9 Male DTE connector and which signals are supported by Infinity.

Pin Signal Name Signal Supported
1 DCD (Data Carrier Detect) Input
2 RD (Receive Data) Input
3 TD (Transmit Data) Output
4 DTR (DTE Ready) Output
5 SG (Signal Ground) Ground
6 DSR (DCE Ready) Input
7 RTS (Ready To Send) Output
8 CTS (Clear To Send) Input
9 RI (Ring Intdicator) Input


Host computers typically operate as DTE. The table shows the type of cable required to connect from one device to another.

From To Cable Type
Host (PC) ALIF TX Cross over (Null modem)
ALIF RX DCE Straight through
ALIF RX DTE Cross over (Null modem)
Host (PC) DCE Cross over (Null modem)
Host (PC) DTE Straight through
DTE ALIF TX Cross over (Null modem)


For the serial connection to operate, you must specify the communication settings on the Infinity transmitter, for example, Baud Rate (Speed), Parity, Data Bits & Stop Bits This will depend on your setup, for example, if you using a pair of units connected point to point or whether you are using an AIM Manager.

Point to Point

You will need to directly access the Transmitters web interface.

  • Navigate to the Unit Configuration page.
  • Scroll down to the serial port settings as shown on the screenshot below.
  • You may need to enable the Serial port settings on both the transmitter and receiver.
  • Once you have configured the settings to match your serial device, press the Update Now button below.

ALIF Serial1

AIM Manager

There are two ways that the communication settings can be applied to a transmitter, 1) Globally or 2) on an individual unit.

To configure the settings on an individual unit:-

  • Login to the AIM's web interface.
  • Click on the Transmitters tab
  • Find the Transmitter which requires the serial connection.
  • Click on the Configure Transmitter icon.
  • Scroll down to serial port settings as shown on the screenshot below.
  • Once you have configured the settings to match your serial device, press the Save button below.
  • To use the serial port, make sure that the serial port is included in your Channel configuration.

ALIF Serial2

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