ALIF: How to Mirror the Video output - Point to Point


Using a single head transmitter and a dual head receiver, you can configure the receiver to duplicate the video on both of its heads. In this example, the transmitter could be an ALIF100T or ALIF1002T, the receiver must have dual heads and could be an ALIF2020R or ALIF2000R.

Over a network


The transmitter will send the video using multicast when mirroring the video. Make sure your network switch(s) is configured for IGMP to handle the multicast traffic. For futher information, see our Success Infinity Implementation guide.

To configure the units to work over a network, please read the how to Setup Point to Point without an AIM Manager wiki page to do the initial configuration.

A Single Direct Connection

There is no need to configure the network settings if you have a cable directly between the transmitter and receiver.


On the receiver's web interface, under the System Configuration page, scroll down to Target Transmitter Unit Settings. Click on the blue arrow/triangle to expand the Target Transmitter Unit settings. There is a dropdown list for each video head, Video No. for DVI-D-1 and Video No. for DVI-D-2. Choose DVI-D-1 on both dropdown lists and press the Update Now button to commit the change.

ALIF   RX Mirror Video

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