ALIF: How do I enable Backup mode on an Endpoint (TX or RX)


Backup mode allows you to reload the firmware should the unit not boot normally, for example in the event that the main firmware failed to upgrade. Whilst in backup mode, the unit is not fully operational and only offers its web interface. It will neither transmit or receive video, USB, audio or serial.


Models: ALIF1000T/R, ALIF1002T/R, ALIF2000R, ALIF2002T, ALIF2020T/R, ALIF2112T

  • On the back of the Endpoint (Transmitter or Receiver), you will see two dip switches.  By default, both should be in the up position.

    Infinity DipSwitches
  • With the power disconnected on the unit, turn dip switch 1 ON by pushing it to the down position.

    Infinity DipSwitchON

  • Power on the unit and all but the PWR LEDs will continuously flash on the front of the unit to indicate that it is in backup mode.


Models: ALIF100T (DP, DVI & VGA) & ALIF101T (DP, DVI & HDMI)

  • Power on the ALIF100T/ ALIF101T unit.

  • Use a narrow implement (e.g. a straightened-out paper clip) to press-and-hold the recessed reset button for roughly ten seconds until the indicators flash green/red.
  • Release the reset switch.
  • The unit will automatically switch to the backup firmware image and the indicators will continue to flash green/red.

NOTE: To return to normal operation, power cycle the unit. 

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