ALIF: HP or Aruba network switch quick start guide


This is meant as a guide, the configuration of your network switch is the responsibility of your network engineers or your IT infrastructure management.

How to quickly configure your HP or Aruba network switch to get up and running with Infinity

This page will be a quick step by step guide on how to setup your network switch so that you can configure it for a basic Infinity installation. This configuration is for a single or stacked flat network and a dedicated Infinity network switch.

Step 1

Connect to the console port on the front of the switch, this is a bespoke serial connection. You'll need to do this with the console cable supplied by HP. These cables are no longer supplied with a purchased switch and must be bought as an optional extra if one is not already owned.

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Then, with a program like Putty or TeraTerm, open a serial connection to the switch. To do this you need to verify which com port your serial connection is made from. This can be checked in windows device manager.


Next open your terminal program and open a serial connection on that com port. In the below example I'm using ExtraPutty.


When the session is open you'll need to sync the serial connection speed. To do this you simply need to press the enter key twice. You should be greeted with the below terminal or equivalent.


Step 2

Next is applying the configuration required for Infinity. Firstly, we need to enter the configuration mode which is done by typing "config" into the terminal.

ProCurve Switch 2810-24G#
ProCurve Switch 2810-24G# configure
ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(config)#

From here we can now apply our configuration settings to the switch. The required settings are detailed in our successful implementation guide. In this guide we'll show what's required to implement these.
The first setting we'll look at is spanning-tree. This is the only setting that needs to be configured from this config view.

ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(config)# spanning-tree

For the next settings we'll need to enter the settings for vlan1.

ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(config)# vlan 1
ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(vlan-1)#

Then we'll configure igmp, jumbo frames and also assign a name and IP address for the switch.

ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(vlan-1)# name Infinity
ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(vlan-1)# ip igmp
ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(vlan-1)# jumbo
ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(vlan-1)# ip address

We can then check the running configuration of the switch with the following command.

ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(vlan-1)# show running-config

Running configuration:

; J9021A Configuration Editor; Created on release #N.11.74

hostname "ProCurve Switch 2810-24G"
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
   name "Infinity"
   untagged 1-24
   ip address
   ip igmp

To commit the configuration, type:

ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(vlan-1)# write memory

With this done we can then exit this configuration mode by typing exit twice and getting back to where we started.

ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(vlan-1)# exit
ProCurve Switch 2810-24G(config)# exit
ProCurve Switch 2810-24G#

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