ALIF: Enabling Active Directory


This is a guide for configuring AIM to look at an Active Directory server. This could also be applied to a Linux LDAP server.

Configuring AIM

By default, Active Directory is disabled on AIM. It can be enabled on the AIM's web interface by following the navigation steps below:


Step 1

Select Yes to enable Active Directory authentication which will enable the other options to be set.


Step 2

Add the account suffix, this is the domain name for the Active Directory server you're configuring AIM to interrogate.


Step 3

Adding the Base DN and Domain Controller address.

The Base DN can be broken down to individual organisational units (ou=) but can't be pointed at multiple disparate sections of a tree or forest. Make sure that you have all the users you wish to be authenticated on AIM by your AD server accessible by the Base DN you input here.

The domain controller can be either the server name or the IP address. In this instance the IP address has been used.


Step 4

Configuring the user that will be used for AIM to bind to the Active directory server. This needs to be an account that has read access to the users you wish to import.


Step 5

Setting the Sync Schedule. This determines the regularity of AIM checking for changes to your Active Directory settings. AIM will only import user names and query the Active Directory each time an Active Directory user logs into Infinity. No passwords are stored on the AIM unit.


Step 6

Most importantly save your settings!


You should be finished and the settings page should look similar to the below.


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